• Do you feel you’ve gone as far with your photography as you can go but, at the same time, know there’s more?
  • Do you feel you know most of the standard techniques but find your images still lack that certain something?
  • Do you want to know what that something is and how to capture it?

That’s what our Immersive Workshops are all about. A (truly) unique experience where we take you on a creative journey and challenge you, photographically, like you’ve never been challenged before. 

Photography is visual storytelling and, on these comprehensive, culture-rich workshops, we show you, using a tried-and-tested three-step plan, how to harness what we like to call the final 2%. In Step 1, we immerse you in the subject. In Step 2, we focus your vision on the narrative, getting you to express yourself through the camera. Lastly, in Step 3 we teach you the language of composition and show you how to make images that go beyond postcard shots to tell a compelling visual story.

Whatever your level of experience and your preferred style, by the end of the journey we guarantee to have changed the way you think about photography so you can change the way you photograph.

What is an immersive workshop?

The difference between a good shot and a great shot is narrative. How often have you looked at a photograph and asked, “How did the photographer seethat?” Learning to see narrative – the story – is the most fundamental challenge in photography, yet it’s the thing we spend the least time learning. That’s why we devised Immersive Workshops – to show you, in three simple steps, how to see the world around you in a new, expanded light. We explain why starting with the narrative is so important, show you how to match equipment and settings to the story you want to tell, and reveal how composition is the glue that binds the story together. It’s what we call the Hand-Eye-Heart approach to photography – you need a good hand, an insightful eye and a creative heart, and, in this short-course workshop, we’ll teach you all three and change the way you think about photography forever.

The 20-Frames Challenge

Do you remember the days of manual cameras and a roll of film? Photography is so complicated these days, with multi-functional bodies, never-ending menus and cards that hold a thousand frames and more. All of which is great but, in reality, more often than not, is simply a distraction from the real purpose of photography – capturing a compelling visual story. In the 20-Frames challenge, we change the digital mindset. With an adapted, fixed-lens camera, we take the distractions away. Left with the only two controls on a camera that make a difference to the look and feel of an image – lens aperture and shutter speed – you are able to concentrate on the subject. The fixed lens forces you to move around, opening your eyes and mind to the nuances of perspective. And with a maximum of 20-frames and no playback screen or delete button, you’re going to have to think first and shoot after. We’re turning photography upside down and inside out and what you discover will truly surprise you.

Inspiring Image Reviews

The very best way to learn about building a visual story is to look at the images you take and deconstruct them, identifying the visual elements and analysing what part they play in the bigger picture. That’s the purpose of our renowned image reviews. We ask the question, What’s the story, what was the visual intent? We then ask, Does the image tell that story? If it does, we identify how. If it doesn’t, we pose ideas on how the image could have been shot differently to help it work better. And because photography is subjective, the reviews are a group exercise in which everyone can offer their ideas and opinions. This shared experience means you come out of the session informed and inspired, ready to practice your new-found skills out on the street.

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